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When a new coder want to try writing a project with ui, he would be confuse about various ui framework on the market nowadays. If you use them, you will found out:

They are based on the same template.

In deeded, there are no different between most famous ui frameworks.

Sometimes, a web frontend developer want to build a desktop app but don’t want to try Qt or platform native ui framework or don’t want to waste time on long term of learning new programming language. He just want to transform his web app to desktop version. …

You might think C function and OOP(Object-Oriented Programming) language function are the same stuff just in different language. But actually no. One sentence summary, C function a plain blueprint of operations that indicate machine how to handle data and OOP language function is an OBJECT that contain not only the…

Coroutine become more and more popular. Should you learn coroutine?

First, what’s coroutine? It sound new for those coders working on multithread or callback for long term. But it isn’t new stuff, really 👐 . It’s just a re-brand of callback. Yes, coroutine is just callback indeed. But it’s not…


For a coder, write codes is for his life. But write better codes is mostly for his colleagues’ life :)

If you are an algorithm engineer, performance is the only evaluation criterion. But most of the coder are not working for algorithm, just write some functional codes to solve some…


The answer: I don't know

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